Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Pigeons Pooping On Profits | What To Do When Pigeons Are Scaring Away Your Customers

Evan Patterson

Are pigeons nesting at your place of business? Do they constantly poop all over your building and parking lot? If so, pigeons could be causing more problems than just extra janitorial work. Pigeons scare away customers who value a clean, safe environment for their families. No one likes stepping in bird droppings or finding their car covered in poop. When these situations occur, people are more likely to take their business elsewhere. Don't let those troublesome birds cost you customers. Follow the advice below to eradicate your pigeon problem.

Get Rid of All Pigeon Nests

Pigeons mate for life and live an average of 15 years when domesticated. Once they build a nest, they tend to stay there for good. Spraying them with water and agitating them does little to dissuade them from returning to their nest. Therefore, the best way to get rid of pigeons is to get rid of their nests. If you don't remove the nests, the nuisance birds will simply keep returning and angering your customers.

Clean The Pigeon Poop Off Your Building

After removing the nests, it's important to clean the pigeon poop off the building. This is a vital step because pigeon droppings make your building uncleanly. Additionally, pigeon poop is highly acidic. In fact, it's so acidic that it can literally cause the paint to crack and peel off.

Clean the Entire Parking Lot

If there are pigeons at your business, they're finding food in the area. Make sure they don't find any food on your property. Clean the entire parking lot, and consider putting up signs that warn guests not to litter.

Even though it shouldn't happen, some individuals will throw their trash on the ground if there isn't a garbage can nearby. So be sure to place a garbage can with a lid in front of your building so customers have a place to throw away old junk food, cups, and other trash.

Install Pigeon Spikes

Getting rid of pigeons is a straightforward process. Pigeons land on your building to find a comfortable place to build a nest. Stop this from happening by installing spike strips in the areas where pigeons frequently land and build their nests. Once the pigeons have no place to land, they'll find a new building to call home.

Time is money, and you have a business to run, so save yourself some stress by letting an experienced pest control company eradicate your pigeon problem for you. Companies like Leck's Exterminating can help.


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Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

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