Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

3 Fast Facts About Ticks Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Evan Patterson

You know they love to latch onto your pets and you may have even plucked one or two off of yourself after a day outdoors–ticks are one of those pesky pests that are hard to avoid in a lot of places. Even though you may have a little experience with these blood-sucking critters, you may not really know a great deal about them. The truth is, ticks can be a real pain, but they can also be dangerous, which is why it is wise to have your yard sprayed for them. Take a look at these fast facts about ticks every homeowner needs to know. 

Ticks can be carriers of some pretty dangerous illnesses and diseases. 

Certain ticks are known to be carriers of Lyme disease, which is a systemic disease that can affect everything from the brain and nervous system to the organs. This disease can be especially dangerous because in its beginning stages, it mimics other illnesses, so it often is not diagnosed quickly, which only further exacerbates the problem. Ticks can also be carriers of other diseases, such as: 

  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Colorado tick fever
  • Bartonella 
  • Tularemia 
  • Tick paralysis

There are many different types and sizes of ticks. 

It is definitely not true that all ticks are the same. There are basically five different species of ticks that are most common in the US, including:

  1. American dog tick
  2. deer tick
  3. brown dog tick
  4. wood tick
  5. lone star tick

All of these tick species have their own shapes and identification characteristics, but all of them do come with some threats, either for humans or animals. Additionally, some tick species are more abundant in certain areas than others. For example, the lone star tick is most often found in dense woodlands and growth and is characterized by a spot on its back. 

Ticks can be really hard to remove from your property. 

Most homeowners who discover that they have a tick problem will try DIY measures to eliminate them, which is not always effective. Ticks bed close to the ground and often hang out in nests in trees, heavy growth of weeds and plants, and they even can be found in large numbers in clumps of grass. The most effective way to control the tick population on your property is to hire a professional for thorough tick spraying or invest in a good tick spray that is available at some home and garden centers. 


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