Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

3 Vital Things To Do About Termites

Evan Patterson

Have you recently moved to an area where termite infestations are common? Do you know how to protect your home from an infestation? Even a relatively small termite colony can cause extensive damage to a home in a relatively short amount of time. Left untreated, wooden fences can topple over without warning. A wooden deck could collapse under your feet. In order to stop these things from happening, you need to know what to do about termites. Some things to keep in mind include:

Call in a professional: There are anti-termite products that you can buy in various stores or online but these products do not have the same guarantees that professional termite treatments will have. If you attempt to treat an infestation on your own and the colony doesn't die off, you'll have no recourse. But most termite services have a guarantee that your home won't be infested by termites for a certain period of time after each treatment. If you already have termites, it's not uncommon to find services that will guarantee the removal of the colony in a certain timeframe after receiving these professional termite treatments. 

Clean up your yard: Termites love to eat fallen leaves and wood mulch. These things are easy snack foods for the termites, allowing the colony to grow with relatively little effort. By cleaning up your yard and eliminating organic materials, you'll be helping your professional termite treatments to be more effective. Having less access to easy food will be more likely to enter the bat stations or traps that the termite professional will put on your property. Instead of organic mulch, use rocks or rubber mulch that looks like wood bark. If you want the leaves in your yard to return nutrients to the soil, invest in an enclosed and off the ground compost barrel that can't be entered by termites.

Declutter your home: If you're like most people, you probably have quite a few belongings in storage in your attic or basement. It's common for these items to be stored in cardboard boxes. Unfortunately, as with the leaves outside, cardboard boxes inside are a veritable buffet for any termites that enter your home. Termites will also eat clothing and other items made from cotton. So take this opportunity to sort through everything that's stored away so that you can throw out, sell, or donate whatever you no longer need. Whatever is left, store the items inside of plastic totes and not boxes. Consider investing in vacuum-seal bags for your clothes in storage so that they can't be eaten by termites even if they somehow manage to gain access to the inside of a tote.


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Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

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