Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Pest Control And Invaders That Bite

Evan Patterson

You're at home watching a movie or reading a book when suddenly you feel an intense itch. There are red, itchy or painful bumps on your body and you're growing increasingly uncomfortable. An indoor infestation means it's time to call the pest control professional. But before you pick up the phone, take a look at the common household pests that bite, sting and generally irritate their human hosts. Knowing what you're up against can help you to better communicate with the technician and resolve the problem efficiently.


Even though fleas thrive outdoors during the summer months, they can ride into your home on a family pet. Not only can they come into your home via your furry friend, but they can make themselves welcome year-round. The warm indoor environment and plentiful food sources (humans and pets serve as hosts) make your home an ideal winter-time habitat for fleas.

Fleas are small dark brown or reddish bugs that hop from place to place. They may leave behind visible "dirt" (debris) on your pets. Bites on humans typically look like tiny red bumps and often occur on the waist, ankles or legs.

Along with treating your pets you may also need a professional pest control specialist to rid your house of these invaders.


The chigger mite lives outdoors in the woods, on lawns or in gardens. Adult chiggers are bright red, while nymphs (young mites) are a reddish-orange color. Like fleas, these mites can come indoors via your pets. Also like fleas, chiggers can cause red, itchy bites on humans.

Eliminating chiggers from your home may require the pest control technician to treat both indoor and outdoor areas.

Bed Bugs

These common household pests live in beds, furniture, carpets and similar fabric-covered spaces. They also hide in walls, behind electrical plates or near baseboards.

The adult bugs are reddish-brown with oval-shaped bodies that are nearly the size of an apple seed. You may have an infestation even if you don't see the bugs themselves. Some homeowners find small bloody stains or streaks on their bed sheets, spots (of the bugs' fecal matter) on the mattress or other fabric or skin that the bugs have shed.

The bites are typically red and itchy. Some people have little to no reaction, making it a challenge to diagnosis the problem. A true infestation is something that requires professional help to completely eradicate.


Spiders are a recognizable invader that can cause anything from a mild itch to serious life-threatening reactions. The type of reaction that a human has depends on the offending spider (some venomous spiders can produce extreme reactions) and the person's allergic or immune response.

Like other biting pests, a professional pest control contractor can assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

If you have bites, then you have bugs. Spraying with a DIY product may not effectively remove the problem and could pose a serious safety risk. Leave the removal process up to the pros. They have the knowledge an equipment to handle the situation.

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Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

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