Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Resisting The Urge To Start Whacking? Timely Tips For Mole Eradication

Evan Patterson

Moles are one of the most annoying pests that homeowners must deal with. Prolific tunnelers that are often confused with rodents, moles are actually mammals that are considered to be insectivores, along with close relatives, like the gopher, shrew, or meadow vole. Mole activity in the lawn can make it difficult for homeowners and their families to enjoy outdoor activities or engage in hobbies, such as flower or vegetable gardening. If you are under siege from a mole invasion in your lawn, this information offer you the warfare tips you need to win this difficult battle. 

Limiting access

As insectivores, moles are drawn to areas where they are able to find a steady source of food, usually insects, worms, and grubs. As the mole moves through the soil in search of these insects, its movements can tear and damage the root systems of plants growing above ground, causing them to wither or die. 

Reducing the ability of the mole to gain access to soil where garden and landscaping plants are being grown can help to prevent this damage. One way in which this can be done is to bury several inches of hardware cloth vertically in the soil, so that it forms a barrier that keeps the mole away from areas where it can do this type of damage. 

Another way of limiting mole access is take steps to make the texture of the soil more difficult for moles to traverse. Rolling an area, where moles are most active, with a weight-compacting roller on a frequent basis can be an effective deterrent. 

Eradicating insects

Because moles have voracious appetites, another way to rid your lawn of moles is to remove the food supply they depend upon. To do this, apply applications of granulated or spray insecticides that target grubs and other insects that moles are known to consume. As the insecticide reduces the amount of available food, the moles will begin to move away from the area as they search for more readily available food. 

Trapping moles 

Homeowners who are being plagued with a major mole infestation may want to take advantage of a more aggressive removal plan. For many, trapping can be the answer to quickly reduce mole populations. Mole traps for sale are available through reputable pest control professionals and come in several assorted types. Because they can be used over and over, season after season, mole traps are also one of the most affordable mole removal options. 


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