Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Signs Bed Bugs Have Come Home With You From Your Recent Trip

Evan Patterson

Bed bugs can be prevalent anywhere, even that hotel room that you just stayed in with your family. If you were traveling and you think you may have come home with bed bugs, there are signs that may indicate that you could potentially have these bugs in your home now. Read on for a few signs that you could have bed bugs in your home. 

You Have Bite Marks

If you didn't have an issue with anything biting you in your bed before you went on vacation, but you're finding that you have this problem shortly after you come home, it could be because you've brought home bed bugs with you. The bite marks will be in a straight line, and you may have several marks on your body. The bite marks are usually on the back of the legs, the back, or the back of the arms as well. Although, if you are a stomach sleeper, you may have these bite marks on the front of the body as well.

You See Bed Bugs In Your Luggage

If you have spotted bed bugs in your luggage as you're unpacking, or you see any on your clothing while you're unpacking, they may have come home with you from your vacation. If you spot these bugs in your luggage or on your clothing, take them outside immediately and seal them in a garbage bag for a few days before bringing them back into your home. 

If you have spotted these bed bugs in your home after you return from your vacation, there's a chance they were with you in your hotel and you could have an infestation if you aren't careful. If you think you have bed bugs in your home now, you need to vacuum your home thoroughly. Place your luggage in a plastic garbage bag to seal in any bugs and kill them off. Dust everything in your home to remove bed bugs on any surfaces of your home, and wash all clothing from your vacation in the hot water. Then dry them on the hottest setting your dryer has. Watch for these bugs in your home, and continue to be vigilant to ensure you don't end up with an infestation.

If you suspect you have a problem with these pests and you aren't able to get rid of them, call a bed bug exterminator to help you get rid of these wayward travelers for good.


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Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

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