Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

How To Eliminate A Fly Infestation In Your Home With The Help Of A Pest Control Company

Evan Patterson

Flies are a common nuisance pest, especially in the summer. They are bothersome when you eat or drink outdoors, and they buzz around your face. Some flies even bite. However, flies are more than just annoying. They spread diseases too, because flies crawl in sewers and over dead animals, and then they crawl on your food and dishes.

Flies are even more of a problem when they get in your home and find a place to breed. Flies should be eliminated quickly when they're indoors. You may even need to call a pest control company if your home has a lot of flies. Here are some tips for getting rid of flies and keeping them out of your home.

Find What's Attracting Them

A few flies might wander in your house through a hole in a screen, but if your home has an infestation, the flies are breeding somewhere in, under, or near your house. Common sources are garbage cans and dead animals. Be sure your outdoor and indoor garbage cans close and keep them as clean as you can so odors don't attract flies.

You may need to hunt down a dead rat or another dead animal to find where the flies are breeding. If you have pets or farm animals, keep their areas clean so their waste doesn't attract flies. If you can't figure out where the flies are coming from, call a pest control company. They can identify the type of flies you have and that helps them know where the pests are likely breeding.

Kill Flies You See

A flyswatter is an old-fashioned way to deal with flies, but it's effective and easy to use. Kill as many flies as you can so they don't have a chance to breed. Since some types of flies are drawn to light, you might find several grouped on the wall near a lamp, and that gives you the chance to wipe out several at once. However, if you have a serious infestation, you'll probably need to do more than just swat the flies you see.

Have Pesticides Applied

The pest control company may apply a residual pesticide that continues to work a few weeks after it's applied. They can also use a pesticide that kills flies right away, which is beneficial if they find where the flies are grouped together in a particular part of your home. Pesticides are most useful when the source of the flies is eliminated too. Otherwise, the flies may keep breeding and coming back for longer. By eliminating what's attracting the flies and then using pesticides, the fly infestation can be brought under control much quicker.

In addition, a pest control professional might recommend tips for controlling flies and keeping them from coming back. They might point out things they see that attract flies and show you where to seal up your screens and doors so the pests can't get inside. You might have to put up with flies outdoors, but there's no reason to let flies bother you inside your own house when effective pest control treatments are available.


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Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

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