Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Keeping Neighborhood Skunks Out Of Your Yard

Evan Patterson

Do you have skunks in your neighborhood? It's pretty easy to tell when they have been around. They're not terribly shy, so you do often see them in the flesh. Plus, they leave behind their signature scent after they've been rummaging through your trash or digging in your lawn. 

If skunks become too much of a problem in your neighborhood, you will likely want to have a pest control company come trap and remove them. But first, you can employ these tactics in an attempt to at least keep the skunks out of your yard.

Treat your lawn for grubs.

Skunks eat a pretty varied diet, but there are few things they enjoy more than grubs. The skunks will dig the grubs out of your lawn, leaving little piles of dirt behind. If you see any of these little piles of dirt, or if you otherwise suspect you may have grubs, make sure you put a grub treatment down on your lawn. Once the grubs are gone, the skunks will have less reason to visit your property.

Secure your trash.

Another thing skunks love is garbage cans. They are not quite as agile as raccoons, and they can't really pry trash can lids off. But if your trash is out in the open, they'll think nothing of chewing through a plastic bag and rummaging their way through the contents. Make sure you're keeping your trash in covered bins. Tie the bags closed, and consider using scented bags to mask some of the odors that may be attracting skunks in the first place.

Spread predator urine.

If you have a hunting or outdoor store near you, consider visiting to buy some predator urine. Coyote or dog urine will do the trick, and both are relatively inexpensive. Spread the urine around the perimeter of your yard. Most skunks won't cross this barrier. If you can't access predator urine, you can do the same thing with cotton balls soaked in ammonia. Just note that each time it rains, you will need to replace either the cotton balls or the predator urine spray. They may help keep other wildlife, like raccoons, away, too.

If you follow the skunk control tactics above, the skunks will usually move on and find another place to hang out. If you do continue to see skunks after taking these measures, consider having a pest control company come trap and relocate them. Contact a skunk control service for more information. 


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