Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

Exploring The Benefits Of Hiring Pest Control Experts

3 Things To Know About HOA Pest Control

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While your HOA financial responsibilities are clear in most cases, the responsibilities for pest control costs aren't always easy to understand. For example, you might not be sure who deals with a pest infestation. Does your HOA pay or do you have to? Read on to learn more.

1. HOAs Have to Meet State Regulations

HOA pest control responsibilities aren't the same for every association. Most associations have to abide by state rules here. However, these rules vary by location.

An HOA in one state won't necessarily have the same responsibilities as an HOA in another state. Your responsibilities as a homeowner might also be different.

If you aren't sure how your HOA manages pest control costs and responsibilities, then check its rules. You can also cross-reference your rules with state guidelines to make sure that they meet local standards.

2. You Have Responsibility For Your Own Property

HOA pest control costs are often divided into common and private areas. For example, an HOA might pay to deal with a pest problem if it occurs in common areas; however, you are usually responsible for the costs of dealing with pest problems that originate in your own home.

So, if you have raccoons in your communal gardens, then you can likely expect your HOA to pay to bring in a pest control service. However, if you have problems with cockroaches in your home, then you might have to deal with the problem.

Read your rules to check how your HOA treats pest infestations that originate from a home in the complex. For example, some associations expect the owner of an infested property to pay for pest control for other homeowners if the pests spread to their properties; others expect individual homeowners to cover their own costs.

3. Your HOA Might Have Pest Prevention Guidelines

Pest prevention is cheaper than pest control. So, your HOA might set rules on things you have to do to reduce the chances of attracting pests to communal areas. For example, your rules might state that you shouldn't leave trash out in the open.

A good HOA will also take its own preventive measures. The costs of these are often included in your maintenance fees. So, an HOA might commit to maintaining properties to ensure that pests can't get into them. They might put down rodent bait stations or termite barriers.

Again, your rules should tell you your own prevention responsibilities. They should also clearly lay out any measures the HOA has to take.

If you have a pest problem, then contact your HOA in the first instance. They can tell you whether you need to call out a pest control service or whether they will deal with the problem.

To learn more about HOA pest control, contact a pest control service in your area.


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